Drones in Santa Cruz Real Estate

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This is the view looking east toward the Monterey Bay
This is the view looking east toward the Monterey Bay

I am starting to experiment with using photography and video from a remote controlled drone to use for marketing my real estate listings.   I was inspired by a friend who was using on to take photos of a friends house.   We were all impressed with the perspective that the drone gave of the home and how close we were to the beach. Since that particular home has no ocean views from the house, but is only a couple blocks to the beach, the drone was able to show that this home is truly in a beach neighborhood. I decide to try it out on a listing I have at 140 Pelton Ave, Santa Cruz. Located just 1 block from West Cliff and the famous surf spot Steamer Lane, I was hoping the drone would also capture that feel. I am happy with the results as I feel they tell a better strory of the location which , in addition to being a block from the Monterey Bay, is also adjacent to Lighthouse Field State Park, and close to the Santa Cruz Wharf, and downtown.  The still from the drone were incorporated into a slideshow and the video embedded into my website using my YouTube channel.

Thank you to Steve Loos for the great photography and video!

The home is on the bottom left corner with Lighthouse Field and Steamer Lane to the middle and top left.


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