Santa Cruz Housing Market Gains Strength

The housing market is continuing to gain strength through 2013, making this a great year to list a home for sale. In Santa Cruz County, SoldMedianPrices have trended up 31% over the past 2 yrs from $406K to $575K.  Santa Cruz also ended May with a 1.8 month’s sales insventory which is a 2 year low. Santa Cruz Sales Graph

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  1. John

    Im looking to invest in Santa Cruz, and was wondering if there is a high rental demand during the winter time?

  2. mike

    Hello John- The rental market in the Santa Cruz area. Most property owners are able to keep their rentals full year round as there is a high demand for housing and limited housing stock. Does this help? If you would like to continue the conversation my office number is 831-515-1130 or email me . Thank you.

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