When showing your home to prospective buyers, first impressions are the most lasting and the most important to the sale.
Your major role as a seller will be to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. The time, effort and limited financial investment involved can give you the competitive edge needed to sell your home when you want — at the price you want.
Your home’s exterior creates the prospective buyer’s first impression since the exterior of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. A little time and effort can make a big difference in the impression your home creates — and pay big dividends when the sale is made.
Here is a short list of my top exterior recommendations:
1. Landscaping – whether you do the work or hire a landscaping company, gardens are weeded, and debris, toys, etc.
are picked up and stored neatly.
2. Fences and gates are repaired and painted, if needed.
3. Windows are clean and exterior of home is free of cobwebs, dirt, etc.
4. Cracked windows and torn screens are replaced. Screens, windows and window sills are washed.
5. Doorknobs are polished and doorbell and front lights are in good working order.
6. Moving is finished or in progress.


A spotless interior will reinforce your home’s good first impression. Interior dirt and clutter can obscure your home’s good points, so start with a full housecleaning from top to bottom. Store unused or unnecessary items in closets and storage areas or hold a garage sale. Eliminate clutter and your home will look more spacious — an important selling point.

Take an inspection tour of your home, observing it as a potential buyer would, and use the following checklist to make sure it’s ready to show:

  1. Walls are clean and free of smudges, fingerprints and dents.
  2. Woodwork and wallpaper are inspected for problem areas; wallpaper is cleaned and woodwork waxed.
  3. Curtains and drapes are freshly laundered.
  4. Rugs and carpets are shampooed. Floors are waxed.
  5. Loose doorknobs, sticking doors, windows and warped drawers are repaired.
  6. Leaky faucets are fixed. Water discoloration in sink is eliminated.
  7. Loose stair banisters are tightened and steps are free of objects.
  8. Light fixtures are in good working order. Discolored or cracked switch plates are replaced.
  9. Closets, shelves and drawers are organized to display spaciousness.
  10. Clothing is hung neatly and shoes and other objects are neatly arranged.
  11. Bathrooms are sparkling clean. Tub and shower caulking is repaired.
  12. Bedrooms are neat. Bedspreads and curtains are attractive.
  13. The kitchen is clean and tidy, including cupboards, stove and oven.
  14. The attic and garage are clean and well organized.
  15. Mirrors, picture frames and glass covered pictures are clean.
  16. Lamp shades are in good condition.
  17. Electrical connections are plugged in.
  18. Consider painting walls and replacing carpeting if cleaning doesn’t do the trick. It is also important to keep lighting in mind when you show your home. Good lighting will make your home seem more cheery and spacious.